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How to keep your vehicle’s interior from overheating?

Tips to keep your car cool in the summer 

Summer can get pretty hot here in southern Texas, and we want to help you stay out of the heat. When you leave your car out in the summer sun, it can get to be a bit toasty in there. Instead of sweating it out in your improvised sauna, here are some tips to keep your car cool in the summer. 

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Doors and Windows 

One of the traditional ways of making sure your vehicle isn’t too hot before entering it is to crack open a window and open the door. If you have the window down a tad while you’re out and about, the vehicle will let some of that hot air out rather than just keep it in. Open the door and let the hot air out before entering for a nicer drive. 


Finding a parking spot under a tree or some other form of shade is a great idea in the summer. If you can’t find one, you can always cover your vehicle with a reflective cover. Covering your seats with blankets or towels can help reduce the heat on your skin as you sit down.  


There are some forward-thinking tools that you can use to beat the heat. There are solar-powered fans that can keep your car cool while you leave your vehicle. There are sunshades that reflect the light from the vehicle to help keep your car at a normal temperature.  

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As you can see, these tips to keep your car cool this summer can help you quite a lot. If you are looking for a new vehicle this summer, we suggest you visit our online inventory to see which of our Mazda vehicles you like the best. Come visit us at Cardenas Mazda for your test drive to learn more.