Family in front row of car

Tips for Driving during the Holidays

There will be a lot of traveling in the next few weeks. The holiday season means that families all over the country will be hitting the road. We have some tips for driving during the holidays that you might find handy. Let’s take a look at how these tips can help you prepare for your family’s holiday celebrations this year. 


Family in a car

Plan Ahead 

Make sure that you plan ahead for that long trip to Grandma’s. There will be a lot of people on the road, so driving earlier may be a good way to get there on time. You should also pack up the night before or straight away in the morning so that you can leave when you want to and you’re not in a rush. 

Watch out for Traffic 

Traffic can be terrible around the holidays. Watch out for traffic jams and construction on your way to your destination. Listen to the radio or watch out for traffic alerts on an app to make sure that you won’t be delayed.  

Hazardous Weather 

Sometimes bad weather can put a damper on holidays. Whether it’s rain or snow in the northern parts of the country, the weather can impact your holiday celebration. Remember to slow down and focus on the road so that you can see what’s ahead and adapt quickly to any challenges.  


These tips for driving during the holidays can help you have a fun time this holiday season. We hope you can celebrate the holidays with your family with peace of mind. If you are looking for a new vehicle to take you where you want to go this holiday season, you can visit our online inventory to find the right Mazda vehicle for your family. Don’t forget to schedule your test drive with us at Cardenas Mazda on our website.