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Tips for killing the coronavirus inside of your vehicle.

How to clean your Mazda vehicle without damaging the interior

These past few months, the importance of washing our hands and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces has been emphasized. But, have you given any thought to the interior of your vehicle? In the brief guide below, we have listed how to clean your Mazda vehicle without damaging the interior. We hope that some of these tips will be helpful to you!

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What products should I use inside of my vehicle?

While it might be tempting to use strong cleaners such as bleach or hydrogen peroxide, please do not. These are strong products for killing germs, but they are too strong for the inside of your vehicle, and they will cause damage. Instead, check the cleaning products that you currently have in your house. If any of them have 70% alcohol, you can use them inside of your vehicle. One thing to note. If any of these cleaners are ammonia-based, do not use them on the touchscreens in your vehicle as this will cause the screen to warp.

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If you find that you do not have cleaning products that contain 70% alcohol, you can actually also use soap and water. You have to find the fine line between scrubbing to get the various surfaces clean, and not scrubbing too much that you soak the cushion which could later lead to a musty smell in your vehicle. Make sure if you have a leather interior that you clean it with a good leather cleaner and conditioner after you have disinfected the surfaces.

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What surfaces should I focus on cleaning?

The surfaces that you should focus on disinfecting include the steering wheel, shift knob, signal indicator, knobs on the infotainment center, and anything else that you frequently touch during your drive. If it helps, get behind the wheel of your vehicle and take an inventory of what you usually touch on your drive. These are the areas that you should focus on.

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